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450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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SarahCare staff

SarahCare staffers are trained and experienced in the techniques and procedures of elder care. These include the proper methods for lifting and transferring people to and from wheelchairs.

We also know how and when to use one of several "buddy systems", with two, three or four staffers working together to safely lift and move a participant while maintaining their comfort.

All of our staffers are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Our management staff is also trained and certified in Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care by The Institute for Professional Education.

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Management team

Renee Parmalee, Executive Director

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Renee is our chief executive on-site. She joined SarahCare in 2017, bringing 30 years of experience in customer service and customer service management.

She has worked for several corporations small and large, including a long stint with the JC Penney company.

Renee also serves as our Program Director, designing individual care plans based on the specific needs of each of our participants.

She also contributes many creative project ideas for our arts and crafts therapy groups.

John Lehman, Office and Marketing Manager

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John is the creator of Vintage Music for Memory Therapy, which uses popular music from the past to stimulate and strengthen the long-term memories of people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

He began working part time at SarahCare in 2011 as our music therapist. In 2018 we hired him full time onto our management staff. He still serves as our music therapist several times a week.

John has a personal understanding of the human cost of Alzheimer’s, having lost his mother and three other relatives to the disease.

As a Vietnam era veteran, he has a special rapport with our participants who are military veterans.

John holds a degree in business administration and has spent 36 years in the field of software development. He also has 45 years of teaching experience with both children and adults.

Preches McGhee, Activities Director

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Preches schedules and organizes most of our activities calendar. This includes live music acts, arts and crafts, games, exercises and parties.

She also supervises our care giving staff and is a hands on caregiver herself. She also leads many of our exercise groups.

Preches is also responsible for dispensing medications to our participants at the prescribed times during the day.

She's also shoots much of the photo and video content for our Facebook page.

Preches has been with SarahCare since 2012.

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Company overview

SarahCare of Campbell first opened in 2006, when there were few options for adult day care.

Its purpose was to create a safe environment for adults and seniors with cognitive or physical disabilities, where they would receive personal care and supervision during the day.

This service gave family caregivers the opportunity to work in the daytime without the anxiety of leaving at-risk loved ones home alone.

Today SarahCare is widely considered to be the most desirable adult daycare center in the South Bay. Our participants receive nurturing care by professional staff, and enjoy the company of their peers in a home style setting

The care we provide expresses our core values of "Respect, Dignity and Compassion". SarahCare’s senior daycare program is a superior and cost effective alternative to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in-home care.

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at the SarahCare halloween party, a staff member wearing a leopard costume is sitting with a senior women wearing tiger ears

Many of our talented staff get in costume during Halloween and other theme parties to add to the fun.

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Two new friends share a chuckle together