450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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Family testimonials

SarahCare of Campbell went out of their way to care for my mother and they made her feel like she was someone very special. The staff is very dedicated in the caring for their participants’ needs.

Anthony Geraci

I first learned of SarahCare of Campbell when it was featured on the radio one morning. I popped in without an appointment and was met with a warm, friendly reception. Timothy Dupic took the time to tour the facility with me and I instantly felt welcome. This was a home away from home! My mother, Mary, was met with the same welcome not only by Tim, but by all the wonderful members and staff. Her visits were fun filled, interesting, and Mom was very well taken care of. She had the attention and companionship she lacked sitting at home alone. Thank you SarahCare of Campbell! We wish you continued success!

Ann Karras-Rule

I sincerely believe my mother was treated with love, care, and respect at SarahCare of Campbell! Her face would always light up when she saw Tim and his staff. Her mind may be going, but her heart recognized true welcome and love when she walked in their doors. Mom enjoyed the activities which are important to keep her active, social, and functioning. She was proud of her crafts made there and I cherish the gifts of pictures taken of her throughout her stay. I could leave her there and know she was happy and well cared for. Thank you all for the wonderful work you do.

Susan Beck

What do we think of SarahCare of Campbell? Well, fun and contentment, excellent lunches, plus love and care of excellent owners and staff. When you leave your parent or spouse at SarahCare of Campbell, you can go with peace of mind and tranquility of heart knowing you’ve done right for them and yourself! Bless SarahCare of Campbell for many years ahead for all they do and the many features in their lovely establishment.

Idelle Cagan

I have nothing but good words about SarahCare of Campbell. Although my mother only went to SarahCare of Campbell for a short period of time, while she was under their care she was treated with dignity, compassion, respect and love. SarahCare of Campbell went out of their way to care for my mother and they made her feel like she was someone very special. The staff is very dedicated to caring for their patients’ needs. I am truly grateful that SarahCare of Campbell was there to provide their loving care.

Anthony Geraci

SarahCare of Campbell was there for me and my family when we needed it the most. When it became apparent that we were going to need care for my father, and still have to work and take care of our children, we were at a loss as what to do. We had seen the SarahCare of Campbell facility on our way home a number of times and decided to visit it and were immediately impressed.

The staff we met was all very caring and professional, the facility was clean and well organized. The owner and the executive director were both extremely helpful and were able to provide the immediate information and encouragement to get us through our initial feelings of being overwhelmed. From the first day on, the management and staff all took care of my dad as if he was a member of their own family. They treated him with dignity and respect and encouraged him to participate in every activity.

As a result, my dad looked forward to going to the "senior center" as he called it every day. We would encourage anyone needing help with elder care to consider SarahCare of Campbell first.

Bruce and Dawnn Bachant

SarahCare of Campbell has given so much joy to my mother’s life. The minute she walks in the door she smiles. She loves to play games, listen to the piano concerts and dance to the music. She also enjoys socializing with all her friends. The staff at SarahCare of Campbell are always supportive and friendly and welcomes her each day with smiles and hugs. SarahCare of Campbell has given me peace of mind knowing that my mother is happy and well taken care of throughout the day.

Diane Carter

My husband, who has Parkinson’s Disease and dementia started attending SarahCare of Campbell shortly after it opened. His experience there has been and is a great enhancement to his quality of life. SarahCare provides the perfect opportunity for him to remain stimulated mentally and socially. The staff is THE BEST! Each person offers genuine caring and nurturing, just the kind of support that I want for my husband as we travel this difficult time in our lives.

Thanks SarahCare! 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Gene Powell

A place filled with warmth, comfort and joy

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