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450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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  Adult day care program

While SarahCare is temporarily
closed due to COVID-19,
we have some exciting new virtual
programs for our participants to use.
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A place that feels like home

SarahCare of Campbell provides full daycare services six days a week for adults and seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

We also care for adults with physical disabilities who need attention from skilled caregivers throughout their day.

SarahCare is fully ADA compliant. We welcome participants using wheelchairs or walkers.

Our experienced and compassionate staff is led by a management team certified in Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care. Learn the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia.

SarahCare is a safe and secure setting where we provide social interaction, music therapy, arts & crafts, light physical activity, live entertainment, games and lots of other fun, in a cozy, home-like setting.

We serve our participants a full hot breakfast and hot lunch daily, along with a tasty afternoon snack. See our lunch menu on Facebook.

Because the S.F. Bay Area enjoys a diverse population, we are respectful of the cultural traditions and dietary needs and restrictions of many ethic and religious groups.

We also have multi-lingual staffers who are fluent in Spanish and Filipino.

Our staff makes sure every participant feels included and cared for. We ensure that everyone is warm, comfortable and enjoying themselves.

We serve families primarily from the greater San Jose and south Bay Area. Some also commute from the East Bay, Peninsula and Morgan Hill area and drop their loved one off in the morning and pick them up after work.

SarahCare is centrally located just off Hamilton Avenue, two signal lights west of San Tomas Expressway. We are minutes from the I-280 and I-880 freeway interchange. Map and driving directions

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Programs and services

Our standard services are available to every participant, and are included in the daily fee.

See our activities calendar for this month’s calendar of events.

Our standard services include:

Socializing with peers and staff: An important benefit of SarahCare is the social interaction that our participants enjoy.

In addition to the company of their peers, our staff interacts with participants throughout the day, giving them hugs, conversation and attention.

Live entertainment: Includes music groups, choirs, and solo performers on piano, guitar and other instruments.

We also have puppet shows and magic acts. Regular guest speakers present travelogues with videos or slide shows.

Music therapy: Music is an important part of our day. It's therapeutic for our participants, reawakening old memories and feelings, and it’s also a lot of fun for everyone.

We have college music instructors who volunteer twice a week to play favorite tunes on our piano for all to enjoy and sing along with.

Also, John, our music therapist has now joined our staff full-time. He plays golden oldies several times a week and leads willing participants in some gentle dancing. More on music therapy.

Here’s a video of John leading some dance therapy:

Arts and crafts: Twice a week volunteer college art instructors come in and lead fun and creative arts & crafts projects.

With a room full of art supplies, our participants can engage in group activities or pursue personal projects.

Inter-generational activities: We have schools and youth groups such as choirs, drama clubs and dance groups from grade school to high school age come in to perform music, dance recitals and plays.

We also have high school and college student volunteers who assist with activities and spend time with our participants.

We have a "baby day" occasionally, when mothers bring in their babies for our participants to take turns holding. This is a very popular activity which leaves everyone smiling.

Games: Our staff assists our higher functioning participants with games such as bingo, Trivial Pursuit, Uno, Scrabble, Pictionary and Checkers.

We have enlarged jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles for easy visibility and handling.

We also have several variations of Solitaire and other games and puzzles on our game room computer.

Therapy pets: A volunteer from Share-a-Pet comes by regularly with a therapy animal for willing participants to visit with and pet.

Physical activities: Each day our exercise coach leads our participants in gentle stretches, deep breathing, chair yoga and using light handweights, to the extent of each person’s ability and desire.

We are now introducing easy sitting sports like bean bag or balloon toss and kick ball.

These activities help keep bodies limber and improve circulation. We gently encourage but never push our participants to engage in these activities.

Meals and snacks: Each day we serve a full hot breakfast and a filling and nutritious hot lunch with dessert. We also provide a tasty mid afternoon snack. We are careful to avoid overly sugary foods which can spike insulin levels.

Health monitoring: Our trained staff tends to the basic medical needs of our participants, checking and recording blood pressure, weight and body temperature, and providing medications at the prescribed times and dosages.

Personal care: We assist in all the activities of daily living. With dignity and respect we will help your loved one with meals, baths, mobility, using the bathroom, dealing with incontinence and transferring to and from a wheelchair.

Brain fitness program: BrainHQ is a computer-based, scientifically validated program designed to improve memory processing, cognitive skills and communication in mature adults. More on BrainHQ.

Senior Care Advocate services: We provide a free consultation with an independent Senior Care Advocate on the best living choices for your loved one.

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Optional services

We offer a range of optional services for separate fees to care for and pamper our participants. These include:

Assisted bathing: Treat your loved one to the soothing feel of a relaxing whirlpool jet spa bath. We have a handicap-accessible Invacare whirlpool tub and shower, and our trained staff provide all the assistance needed.

The caregiver only needs to bring a fresh change of clothes. We provide the clean towels and TLC. No appointment needed. $36.

Beauty parlor / barber shop: Evelyn, our licensed cosmetologist, will pamper your loved one in our salon / barber shop. See our Facebook page for Evelyn’s hours and rates.

Day spa / physiotherapy: Independent, certified massage therapists, licensed chiropractors and physical and occupational therapists are available for professional services.

Podiatry services: We provide a private space for independent, licensed Podiatrists to tend to your loved one’s foot issues.

Dental Hygienist: Independent, licensed Dental Hygienists will tend to your loved one’s oral hygiene in a private space.

Bathing services are provided by our in-house staff and can be arranged the same day.

All other services are performed by independant professionals by appointment. Rates are set by the practitioner and are competitive with fees in these fields.

A place of friendship and belonging

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two senior men arm-in-arm laughing at a birthday party

Sharing a laugh at a participant’s birthday party.

group of smiling seniors exercising with light dumbells while seated

Light exercise is a popular and always voluntary activity.

two women on a sofa laughing

Participants often make new friends at SarahCare.

band of musicians playing guitars, a ukulele and a mandolin, with an attractive woman holding a microphone and singing

"Larry's Band" and other live music acts perform at SarahCare regularly.

grade-school kids dressed in colorful halloween costumes give a costume show to our participants

A grade-school group attends our Halloween party for a costume contest.

a smiling young woman holding friendly therapy dog while a happy participant pets it

A therapy dog from Share-a-Pet enjoys some affection.

five young girls wearing red tops and black pants grouped in a circle with one arm raised in a starting dance position. Senior women are in the foreground sitting in chairs facing the dancers

A youth dance troupe performs a terrific show for us during the Holiday Season.