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450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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Paratransit and
elder transport services

Elder transport and paratransit services provide reliable, low-cost transportation for seniors and ADA adults who are unable to drive, allowing them to retain their mobility and avoid becoming house-bound.

There are several services operating in Santa Clara County. Some of the larger ones are listed below.

SarahCare of Campbell does not endorse or guarantee any particular ride service, and has no financial arrangement with any of them. These services are mentioned for informational purposes only.

VTA Access Paratransit

VTA Access Paratransit is a non-profit organization partnered with Santa Clara County’s Valley Transit Authority. Service is provided with sedans or accessible vans.

They also operate paratransit vans equipped with wheelchair lifts, and their drivers are trained and experienced in properly assisting adults with disability issues. VTA ACCESS also provides door to door service, unlike buses.

To qualify for VTA Access service, one must only have a partial disability and reside within the county.

Because VTA Access is subsidized by the VTA, it is an economical alternative to taxis and other car services. VTA Access charges only $4.00 per one-way trip, regardless of the distance, making them even cheaper than Uber.

VTA Access does need to be scheduled one to three days in advance, and pickup and drop-off locations must be within the borders of Santa Clara County.

Please visit the VTA Access website for more information.

Care Trans

Care Trans provides wheelchair-accessible, non-emergency medical transportation to residents in the South Bay Area, and particularly in San Jose. They provide services similar to VTA Access. Care Trans is an approved Medi-Cal provider and also accepts private payment.

For rates and information, please contact them at.

Phone: (408) 392-9007
Email: caretrans1917@att.net

Boundless Care

Boundless Care is a Milpitas based special needs transportation service which operates wheelchair accessible vans.

See the Boundless Care Yelp review for more information.

They can be reached at: (408) 262-6323

Ken Transportation

Ken Transportation provides non-emergency rides for people in wheelchairs as well as for folks who just need assistance getting in and out of vehicles. Their service area includes all of Santa Clara County.

They can be reached at:

Phone: (408) 267-4459
Email: kentrans@kentransport.com

Other transport services

There are other special-needs transport services not listed here. We encourage you to research the best options for your loved one.

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paratransit van parked in front of SarahCare of Campbell ready to pick up handicapped person

Elder transport vans are equipped with ramps or power-lifts to accommodate wheelchairs.

senior man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled up a ramp into a paratransit van

Paratransit drivers are trained and experienced in assisting seniors with mobility issues.