450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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450 Marathon Drive, Campbell, CA    408‑374‑2273

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elderly man smiling, while being hugged by his grandson

Why choose SarahCare?

Many elder daycare facilities provide adequate physical care. But seniors need more than just being fed and kept out of harm’s way. They need emotional care just as much: hugs and smiles, conversation and socializing, entertainment, friendship and affection.

At a time when many seniors with dementia or physical disabilities are placed in impersonal institutions, SarahCare offers the compassionate alternative such seniors need and deserve.

SarahCare is a smaller, neighborhood center equipped and furnished much like a residential home, with plush recliners and sofas, carpets and artwork on the walls.

Our comfortable living room is equipped with a high-def, big screen TV with an excellent home theater audio system.

We also have separate activity and game rooms stocked with favorite games and puzzles, so with the assistance our staff, your loved one will always be given something interesting to do.

We understand that every senior, especially one with a mental or physical disability, is special. Our friendly, professional staff is very skilled at providing personal care and attention to each individual.

We are committed to making sure that every participant is looked after and made to feel comfortable, appreciated and cared for.

We are small enough that our staff gets to know every participant and their likes and needs, and can give them personal attention.

Because seniors who speak English as a second language often feel more at ease speaking their native language, we assign one of our bi-lingual staffers to attend to such a participant.

Our staff gives out lots of hugs and affection during the day to our participants.

When you bring your loved one to SarahCare, you’ll have the relief of knowing your loved one is not only safe and secure, but is engaged in fun activities with other people, and receiving lots of tender loving care from our staff.

SarahCare is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We easily accommodate individuals with wheelchairs or walkers.

We also accept participants with incontinence, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We accept any individual who isn’t violent, overly disruptive, or addicted to alcohol or drugs.

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Many of our participants are brought to and from SarahCare by an independent elder transport or ADA paratransit service. We work with these services to schedule pickups and drop-offs when requested, giving caregivers one less responsibility to deal with.

We provide this schedule coordination at no cost to our participants. We offer this courtesy because simplifying the lives of our participant’s caregivers is part of SarahCare’s mission.

SarahCare and transport services provide a total senior daycare solution, freeing caregivers to work full-time, tend to personal business or simply enjoy much needed time off.

SarahCare of Campbell does not require our participants to sign monthly or annual contracts. There is no minimum number of days per month that you must attend. No appointment or advanced scheduling is required.

Once we have the necessary medical paperwork on file, you can just drop your loved one off in the morning or afternoon.

We bill for either a full day (up to 11 hours), or for a half-day (up to five and one-half hours). In either case your loved one will be properly fed.

Some of our participants come in once or twice a month, others once or twice a week, and some of our regulars come in every day, including Saturday.

SarahCare’s service is as flexible as you need it to be. We are here to make the lives of our participants AND their caregivers better.

Experienced care, delivered with love

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two senior women sitting at crafts table smiling, with attractive woman art teacher sitting between them

Our wonderful arts and crafts teachers help stimulate the creativity of our participants.

smiling senior woman slow-dancing with smiling music therapist

Our skilled music therapist can usually coax even a bashful participant into a few dance steps.

smiling senior woman slow-dancing with smiling music therapist

When performing golden oldies, music shows sometimes turn into sing-alongs!